About Honovee

Our Story

Pronounced "HOH-NO-VEE"

Honovee, meaning strong, represents both the solutions we provide and the strength of the skills and experiences of our team to provide those services. The spelling of Honovee was chosen to reflect the female version of this unisex name, often shown as Honovi, as we are a woman owned small business (WOSB/SDB) headquartered in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.

Honovee was founded in 2014 with the goal to modernize and bring new technology to the federal government at an affordable cost. We achieve this by focusing our efforts on our customer’s needs and encourage them to be innovative, while optimizing their resources through collaboration and enterprise-wide projects. We are also ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000-1:2018, and ISO 27001-2013 certified.

We specialize in providing digital transformation, systems engineering and integration, data analytics, and enterprise management services to federal, state, and local agencies. We are an agile and innovative company that can quickly and easily adapt to changing program requirements and the evolving needs of our customers. We believe that through close collaboration, we can enable our customers to find new ways to be more efficient and effective. Drawing on a diverse set of experiences in the federal market, Honovee applies proven methodologies to each unique project.

Mission and Core Values


To enable our clients to be more innovative, provide higher levels of service, and improve financial performance by optimizing the capacity of their limited resources through collaborative IT enhancement projects and enterprise-wide portfolio management services.

Core Values: 

  • Integrity and Respect – Building strong, long-term and trusted relationships with our clients, partners and our people and critical to the company’s success.
  • Client Focused Delivery – We are a client focused organization that consistently delivers extraordinary outcomes for our clients and strategic partners.
  • Continuous Improvement and Growth – We will rapidly grow the company by continuously growing our people and inspiring all those who collaborate with us.
  • Leadership – Strong, innovative and intuitive leadership is critical to our vision of being recognized as one of the premier providers of technology-enabled solutions to Federal Government.
  • Community Service & Corporate Responsibility – We are focused on strengthening our country, and we believe in giving back and that strong communities make for a strong nation.

Why We're Different

Solution Agnostic

We focus on identifying the best solution to your problem without being biased towards any particular approach, leading to more innovative and effective outcomes.

Mission Driven

We align our actions and decisions to your goals and objectives, which reinforces our direction, motivation, and focus to the organization.


We center ourselves on driving progress, growth, and creating a positive change. Our solutions ensure relevance in a rapidly changing world.

Customer Focused

We prioritize your needs and preferences to ensure satisfaction, leading us to foster stronger relationships and become a trusted service provider.

Our President and CEO

Lauren Sheriff provides strategic and technical leadership to Honovee. She has experience in corporate business development, as well as technical leadership for programs valued at 1 billion dollars. Her work is supported through her past experiences in program management, IDIQ/GWAC acquisition management, operations, marketing, customer relations, and the development and implementation of business processes designed to maximize profits and productivity.

Prior to founding Honovee, Lauren held various leadership positions for 10 years within the commercial and federal space dedicated to the delivery of information technology and business solutions. Upon receiving a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Elon University’s Martha & Spencer Love School of Business, Lauren quickly proved herself to be a trusted leader and rose to become the Chief Engineer for multiple programs across the federal government.